Stoneridge-Orlaco Launches Digital Ethernet Monitor

29 March 2021 – Stoneridge-Orlaco is launching a new 7-inch ELED. This digital Ethernet monitor is the latest addition to the Ethernet portfolio; it is compatible with our digital Ethernet cameras and radar.

The new high-definition 7-inch ELED offers a high resolution that delivers razor-sharp images, providing operators with an optimum view of their working environment. The compact design makes the ELED ideal for vision solutions on construction machinery, cranes, trucks, buses and forklifts. As an example, the monitor could be used in conjunction with an EMOS camera as Digital RearView, Digital FrontView and Digital SideView.

The 7-inch ELED will be offered in four versions. The monitor is available with Fast Ethernet and with Automotive Ethernet BroadR-Reach. SRD models of these variants are also available, making it possible to integrate radar on the ELED. All versions have a built-in QuadView system, allowing up to four different cameras to be displayed at the same time. In the future, it will also be possible to send images wirelessly from the camera to the monitor via WiSR.

Suitable for Harsh Conditions

The monitor is made from high-impact automotive thermoplastic. To protect the display, the high-end monitor has a reinforced glass cover with integrated capacitive keyboard. This makes the ELED much stronger and easier to clean. The monitor is shock and vibration resistant, dust proof and protected against water jets (IP65). With an operating temperature range of -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F), top-quality industrial components and a compact design, the 7-inch ELED is ideal for professional applications and for continuous use.

Radar Integration

The SRD versions of the ELED supports easy integration of radar, making it possible to combine the HD monitor with the RadarEye active detection system from Stoneridge-Orlaco. This shock- and vibration-resistant radar system detects people and objects in areas that are not visible to operators. Used in conjunction with a digital camera and monitor system, RadarEye ensures that operators have a complete overview of their environment, making their work safer.

Complete Ethernet Portfolio

With the addition of the 7-inch monitor, the digital Ethernet product portfolio now includes EMOS digital cameras with lens openings ranging from 30° to 180°, cables with waterproof molded connectors and a robust switcher. The ELED also works with the second-generation of the HD-E Zoom that will be launched later this year. A 10-inch version of the ELED will follow at the end of this year.

If you would like to know more about the 7-inch ELED digital Ethernet monitor, please feel free to contact our specialists Allplant Auto Electrics or request a quote.

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