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Ionnic Beacon 106 LED Light (3 Bolt)
Ionnic Beacon 106 LED Light (Pole Mount)
Ionnic Beacon 106 LED Light (Magnetic)
Panel Mount Cabin Pressure Monitor
Yellow Locksafe Lockout to suit 0341003004 - LS11003-02
Orlaco standard 4-pins multi cable
Orlaco Mining Vision Systems
Orlaco 7 inch RLED monitor - 0223000
Orlaco FAMOS IR LED camera 118º PAL Backup Camera Rear View System - 0171600
Isolation Verification Control
Isolation Verification Control
Sale price$1,150.00
NORDIC LIGHTS Centaurus N4601
NORDIC LIGHTS Centaurus N4601
Sale price$1,720.95


KOMATSU WA1200-3 - WHEEL LOADER OEM aircon replacement system. With field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo, this allows us to provide support to our clients across the Pilbara. 07H99/ 07R06/ 07R36/ 07R37 series also available.

Features & Details

• AP59-0954 Evaporator Coil
• AP59-E023 Evaporator Fan Motor
• AP59-F048 Blower Wheels
• AP50-6043 Compressor
• AP63-0009 Condenser Coil
• AP51-UE026 Condenser Fan Motor
• AP63-0229 Condenser Fan Blades
• AP62-521509 TX Valve
• AP62-1508 Orifice for TX Valve
• AP52-531411 Receiver Dryer
• AP52-531201 Inline Dryer
• AP58-523655 Pressure Switch (High Pressure)
• AP58-523365 Pressure Switch (Low Pressure)
• AP57-0039 Belt for Compressor
• AP56-UE016 Thermostat
• AP53-8028 Service Valve for Compressor
• AP53-8030 Service Valve for Compressor
• Wrapped Hoses & Fittings

• AP59-0651 Evaporator Coil
• AP59-4632 Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly
• AP50-8580 Compressor
• AP51-1220 Condenser Assembly (Coil + Fan)
• AP62-3540 TX Valve
• AP52-3120 Receiver Dryer
• AP53-2250 Joint Fitting for Dryer
• AP58-1810 Pressure Switch
• AP57-1746 Belt for Compressor
• AP56-3620 Thermostat
• AP54-1141 Hose
• AP54-1130 Hose
• AP54-1112 Hose
• AP54-1120 Hose
• AP54-1320 Hose
• AP54-1310 Hose
• AP54-1151 Hose
• AP53-1330 Tube to Condenser
• AP53-7450 Hose Connector
• AP53-7460 Hose Connector
• AP53-1531 Hose Connector Assembly
• AP53-1541 Hose Connector Assembly
• AP53-1551 Hose Connector Assembly
• AP53-1561 Hose Connector Assembly

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