The heat in the Pilbara is extreme and once an air-conditioning unit fails, the machine will become non-operational. Due to the increased ambient temperatures placed on a machines air-con system in the summer, the increased system pressure and the high operator demand can expose a weak link, whether it be a failing hose or a component not operating as intended.

Other environmental stresses, especially dust and vibration can also induce air-con downtime.

There is a wide range of different systems between manufacturers and some have not been designed with the harsh Australian conditions in mind. Allplant has extensive experience with the typical faults that different systems encounter, and this experience leads to a much quicker diagnosis and the right solution the first time.

At Allplant Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning, we have in-house experience and expertise to design, manufacture, install, service and repair various types of air conditioning systems.

We also conduct air conditioning audits for mining machinery fleets including a complete breakdown of parts costs and scheduled replacement to help minimise machine down time. Our experienced teams can rebuild existing air conditioning components and our fleet of fully equipped field service vehicles is designed to handle all types of auto air conditioning repairs and breakdown.

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