OMG Rod Sloop electrical conversion

Allplant Auto Electrics recently completed a successful OMG Engineering Electric Over Hydraulic Rod Sloop conversion project, replacing the conventional diesel engine-hydraulic pump with an electric motor-hydraulic pump that operate the hydraulic functions. The benefit of choosing electric over a diesel: · Quiet operation · No engine maintenance · No exhaust ...


Allplant new TCF7 Condenser Lid.

Allplant new TCF7 Condenser Lid. Quick and easy upgrade with our new lid assembly. Tare: 6.8 KG All steelwork are in accordance with AS3678 AND AS3679 U.N.O Plate-work grad 250. Closed hollow sections grade 350 Steelwork and plate work fabrication complies with AS 4100-1998 Welding compliance AS1554 - Category SP ...


Sigma TCF8 product upgrade

Sigma TCF8 Product upgrade 4X LONGER FAN LIFE New brushless upgrade for your current TCF8BX1 or TCF8BX2 models. A more efficient and more durable HVAC unit. Upgrade to a brushless fan technology system for an environmentally friendly solution to reduce costs and increase profitability. Sigma’s New Condenser Fan Assembly Kit ...


Liebherr 996 Blue Engine Harness

This Liebherr 996 Blue Engine Harness is for the Cummins K50 Centry Fuel System, it features our PVDF high temp and abrasion resistant blue braid over the top of oil and heat resistant DR-25 sleeve, with high temp tinned cross linked polyurethane sheathed cabling used throughout (TXL). This gives our ...


Plug Over-Moulder

Our Plug Over-Moulder is a lower pressure system. Low-pressure moulding is a process that sits between conventional injection moulding and traditional potting. Low-pressure moulding uses lower temperatures and pressure than injection moulding and is ideal for moulding electrical connections without damaging electrical components. Using a specific die set and then ...


Modular LED ID Number Display Board

Modular LED ID Number Display Board. Change your ID display like a digital sign with the Modular V2 LED ID display number board. 0 – 9 changeable display, 3 or 4 character board option, easy plug and play installation, robust and highly visible. Contact us for more information on this ...


Water Cart Control Systems

Water cart control systems from Allplant are developed on the “keep it simple” philosophy. This is why at Allplant Auto Electrics, we have developed wiring harnesses and a control system that has proven to be ultra-reliable for use in heavy-duty water carts. Starting with the control panel, it was designed ...


Hitachi Local Options Cabinet

Hitachi Local Options Cabinet Subject to extremes environmental conditions the local electrical options on your machine will eventually become un-reliable resulting in an increase of machine downtime. The main factors leading to downtime include worn and heat affected wiring and wire protection, undocumented service repairs to wiring and components no ...


Orlaco Products Update – 10.03.2022

Due to the current components shortages around the world, and Covid, some Orlaco products may have a much longer lead delivery time than usual!


Stoneridge-Orlaco Launches Digital Ethernet Monitor

29 March 2021 - Stoneridge-Orlaco is launching a new 7-inch ELED. This digital Ethernet monitor is the latest addition to the Ethernet portfolio; it is compatible with our digital Ethernet cameras and radar. The new high-definition 7-inch ELED offers a high resolution that delivers razor-sharp images, providing operators with an ...


Hitachi OEM Electrical Cabinet Refurbishment

Hitachi OEM Electrical Cabinet Refurbishment. Let Allplant refurbish your OEM electrical cabinet, and add upgrades to better suit the conditions of heavy mining environments. Upgrades, such as changing out the OEM relays to a standard 5 pin Bosch relay. A refurbishment will see all the wiring replaced, sandblast and painting ...


Orlaco HMOS HLED 180 Camera System

The Orlaco HMOS HLED 180 Camera System is a no-latency digital camera, that can be used in any Orlaco GMSL vision systems and installed on all your machines and heavy vehicles. The camera is contained in a special, adjustable bracket, which ensures that the camera can easily be mounted in ...


Shutdown Solar Charge System

Introducing the new Allplant Shutdown Solar Charge System. Keeping heavy duty machinery batteries at their best and eliminating safety risk’s and time delays! Anyone that has been involved in a mobile equipment shut down onsite, knows just how frustrating it is, when it comes time for the first start up ...

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Side-Eye Blind Spot Visual and Acoustic Warnings

Blind Spot Visual and Acoustic Warnings.  SideEye Blind Spot Detection Camera System. SideEye actively provides visual and audible alerts for drivers to prevent blind-spot accident. This camera and radar detection system actively alerts you when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of your truck! ...


Orlaco Active Camera and radar Detection systems

Checkout all the latest Orlaco Active Camera and radar Detection systems.  Allplant Auto Electrical is your one stop shop in Western Australia for all your active Camera and Radar Detection System. Contact us to learn more about our Camera and Screen System Bundles. We supply and fit to your requirements; ... 


LV Mounted Jump Start Unit with Redarc BCDC Charger

Allplant LV mounted jump start unit with Redarc BCDC charger are design for permanent mounting to Field Service/Breakdown light vehicles on site. The unit has both 12 volt and 24 volt CAT style jump start receptacles and can charge from a 12 volt or 24 volt power supply. Charging the ...


Allplant Auto Electrical cover Newman and Paraburdoo

Allplant Auto Electrics has field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo. Call us for a quote for Auto Electrical labour hire or for Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning labour on you next machinery shut down.



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