Introducing the new Allplant Shutdown Solar Charge System. Keeping heavy duty machinery batteries at their best and eliminating safety risk’s and time delays!

Anyone that has been involved in a mobile equipment shut down onsite, knows just how frustrating it is, when it comes time for the first start up and the batteries have been run down. Generally due to priming fuel or oil system, testing lighting or having the ignition on to diagnose an electrical issue before start up.

Now that we have drained batteries, we either jumpstart or have to charge the batteries, these create their own set of problems. Jumpstarting adds an un-wanted vehicle into the work area, which becomes a safety hazard and can inhibit work progress. And charging batteries takes time. Time to find the charger, time to connect it all up and then time to charge the batteries.

At Allplant we have come up with a Shutdown Solar Charge Kit. Combining tough and proven components providing a simple solution to this problem. Using Redarc solar panels and regulators, coupled together with Allplant heavy duty braided cabling to withstand harsh environments. With the heavy-duty Pelican case for storing all components (except the panels) simply check the kit out of the tool store, position panels and connect up to the main jumpstart point for the duration of the shutdown.

For further information or to order a Shutdown Solar Charge System contact one of our friendly team member or send a message through the enquiry request form.


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